Digital expectation gap

I read with interest ‘An Avalanche is Coming: Higher Education and the Revolution Ahead’, a report released by the Independent Public Policy Research (IPPR) thinktank earlier this week.  While it is worth noting that the three authors work for Pearson, a company which has well-publicised intentions of moving into the HE space as a provider […]

Screencasts in Articulate

Recently I have been using Articulate to create screen casts showing worked examples of lengthy accounting problems which are solved in a series of steps.  Articulate is actually a suite of programs which have lots of applications in e-learning design, so I have been scratching the surface of its affordances.  I have been using Articulate […]

What is this blog about?

Hello!  This blog is to share my experiences with educational technologies, which I use to support and enhance my teaching in a UK higher education institution.  I’d class myself as an enthusiastic learner in this regard – I’m not a total amateur, but I have a lot to learn.   Recently I’ve been experimenting with some technologies I haven’t used […]