Screencasts in Articulate

Recently I have been using Articulate to create screen casts showing worked examples of lengthy accounting problems which are solved in a series of steps.  Articulate is actually a suite of programs which have lots of applications in e-learning design, so I have been scratching the surface of its affordances.  I have been using Articulate Presenter, which adds a menu to Microsoft PowerPoint, enabling audio narration to be recorded on a slide-by-slide basis.  One of the advantages of Articulate over Wimba Create, which I have used before, is that the narration can be recorded for each slide separately and mistakes easily over-recorded, unlike the one perfect take you have to do in Create.  However, when it comes to uploading the finished screencasts into the Blackboard VLE.  This was fiddly, although good instructions from our learning technologists helped! The screencasts are potentially reusable on a variety of courses, so my aim is to build up a library of resources of this type.  I shall be interested in the student evaluation comments, as I think that students for whom the first language is not English might find the ability to pause and replay the narration particularly useful, as a complement to face to face classes during which they can ask questions  as I work through examples.  



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