#ocTEL week 2 – readiness for online learning

Call me a geek, but I do love a questionnaire!  I have just completed the Penn State University Online Readiness Assessment and the University of Houston Test of Online Success.  I think I’m pretty set up for online learning from the results of these questionnaires, but then I have been an online learner for a […]

#ocTEL week 1 – My Practice

I’ve been considering my approach to teaching using this matrix.  I vary my approach depending on the cohort, subject and context.  For example, in accounting, there is some emphasis on technical proficiency, which can prompt ‘individual, autonomous’ self-testing and drilling approaches.  However, I am currently teaching a current issues module to final year undergraduates, and […]

#ocTEL Visitors and residents – David White workshop

I attended a workshop run by David (from the University of Oxford’s continuing education department, where he co-manages the TALL (technology-assisted lifelong learning) research and development group) yesterday.  Thought-provoking stuff, not least because the subject is closely linked to my big question for #ocTEL, and my musings on digital expectations gap! ‘Visitors and residents’ relates […]

#ocTEL week 0 Activity 0.1 My Big Question

My question is ‘How do we use technologies to enrich teaching and encourage our students to use them to enrich their learning, while still respecting individual differences and preferences?’. I suppose I have been grappling with this for a while now (see the ‘Digital Expectation Gap’ post earlier on this blog), but haven’t expressed it […]

#ocTEL week 0 – Introduction

A bit of a bumpy start to my ocTEL experience…I returned home from holiday last night to find a completely clogged up inbox, as I had not realised I needed to switch my email receipt settings so I get the digests and not all the individual emails (in common with a number of fellow participants!) […]

#ocTEL MOOC – open course in technology-enhanced learning

I thought I should practise what I preach so I have registered for a MOOC run by the Association of Learning Technologists. It starts this week,and 780 people have registered so far. If the introductory materials are borne out, it appears that the constructivist, open-access principles of Stephen Downes and the other early MOOC advocates […]