More of the ‘ed’, less of the ‘tech.’? #E891

I’ve been rather quiet on this blog over the summer, as I’ve been beavering away updating modules, marking dissertations and getting ready for a new academic year.  Our iPad pilot continues, and I have just received a good number of survey responses from our students to analyse, with more expected next week.  The title of this blog post refers to the fact that I’m going to use this blog as a learning journal/jotting space for my (hopefully) last Open University MA module – which is on ‘Educational Enquiry’, and will last for the next 11 months.  This is a broader-based module than the previous ones I have studied which related specifically to online and distance education, so there will be less of an educational technology focus in the module, and hence probably in my blog entries related to it.  However, I’m hoping to focus some of my assignments (where I have a choice) on educational technology, so it won’t disappear completely from this blog.  


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