A collaborative accounting, finance and business MOOC – presentation at ESLTIS17 conference, Sheffield

Here are the questions I got asked by attendees on Slido.com and my answers.

Was it worth the time and effort in terms of the experience and learning for you? Would you do it again?
Yes.  It allowed me to put into practice my academic knowledge both in my discipline but also in online and distance education.  It has raised my profile within my institution and outside and I learnt a lot about the process of developing a MOOC and facilitation with a massive cohort.  However, it was hard and time-consuming work as I had to do the development and delivery alongside my full teaching load.  I would encourage other MOOC developers to negotiate workload remission as online learning design and delivery is so time-consuming.
How did you encourage peer learning?
The steps which had the most learner comments from the analytics on both runs of the MOOC were those which had a specific discussion prompt asking learners to answer a question or provide a comment.  There was a balance to be struck between encouraging learners to comment on each others’ posts, and not being too involved so that learners would only respond to the moderators and educators.
If participants think their comment is more likely to be seen rather than lost in the noise, could it explain good comment engagement with the smaller cohort?
Yes, I think this could be an explanation for why we had more learners making multiple comments on the second run (which was much smaller) than the first run of the course.  Also, we reached more of the target demographic (16-18 year old students and undergraduates across disciplines) with the second run of the course than the first run, perhaps because the second run was not during school or university term-time.
Do you hope to use your resources in other areas going forward?

Yes, we have a lot of video footage which we are considering using, subject to IP rights.  I’m interested in using the idea of the interactive exercises in other contexts, as they were so well-received in the learner feedback on the MOOC.  More generally, I use short video clips much more in my teaching than I did before, as I now recognise the power of video to grab students’ attention and make an issue immediate and authentic.

My slides from the presentation are attached.MOOC presentation-ESLTIS 2017-LITE template


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